Full Body Licious

Full Body Licious is another fitness program that gets a huge success in the world of online marketing. This program quickly gets popularity among women and becomes a heart robbing produc for all of them who want to be healthier and slimmer at once.

Created by Flavia Del Monte, the Full Body Licious is easily accepted by the market. It's probably because, first, the author is a registered nurse and a professional fitness trainer. Flavia is the wife of Vince Del Monte, a famous fitness trainer who is also a fitness guru. The second factor, it’s Flavia who shows people a new approach for women's fitness. She directs people to focus on toning the muscles while removing the stubborn fat.

Most women love to use Flavia's methods because she herself has proven the formula she writes in the book. She claims her program helped her to reduce her own body fat from about 18% to 13.5%. It's done in less than 10 weeks. It's fantastic that what she was doing with her body is really effective to apply to other women. A lot of them also have proven the fat reduction.

The endorsements given by women from all over the world along with the three pros of the Full Body Licious create a really positive image to Flavia. You may need to learn first what the three pros of the product are.
  1. The fitness program created by Flavia does not offer a series of workout plan only, but provides a healthy diet plan. To give clearer explanation of the workout plans, the author provides five workout DVDs to show every reader how to hit all major muscle groups five times a week with exercises and advanced strategies and multiple angles.
  2. The workout plan is not the exercise details that need fancy equipment. You can do exercise using home basic equipment such as a set of dumbbells, resistance band, and a stability ball. The most favorite advantage at this stage is that you can do the entire workout plan at the comfort of your home.
  3. The Full Body Licious package comes with step-by-step directions. The videos are accurate and easy to follow. The videos are also accompanied by workout sheet to make your learning process much easier.
So ladies, this is the product dedicated to you all with specifications that are suitable with woman’s condition. Let’s move and trim more fat!